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Dipped Tire Cord Fabric

Dipped tire cord fabric is a type of textile material that is used in the production of tires. The fabric is made by weaving together polyester, nylon, rayon or other fibers into a cord, which is then coated or dipped in a liquid rubber compound.

The dipping process involves immersing the cord in a solution of rubber or latex, then squeezing out any excess and drying the material. The resulting fabric has a strong, durable construction that is resistant to wear, tear, and abrasion.

Dipped tire cord fabric is used in the production of various types of tires, including passenger car tires, truck tires, and industrial tires. It provides reinforcement to the tire structure, helping to maintain the tire's shape and integrity under the stresses of normal use.

In addition to tire production, dipped tire cord fabric is also used in other industrial applications where high strength and durability are required, such as conveyor belts, hoses, and other types of reinforced rubber products.