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The quality of wanda tyres is very good. It belongs to the well-known brand of Tianjin Wanda tyre group company. As early as 1996, it has used the ISO9002 quality management system certification and won the title of "Tianjin Famous Brand". In addition, tire products have also been verified by my country's "CCC" and obtained the DOT specification verification of the British Department of Transport, opening the door to foreign markets. Its competitive advantages are high cost performance, wear resistance, and strong bearing capacity. It is a very, very good well-known brand among domestic brands. At this stage, there are two kinds of wanda tyres on the market, Wanda Baotong and wanda tyres. Wanda Baotong's origin is Shandong Province, which belongs to medium and low-grade tires; while wanda tyres, which originate in Tianjin, belong to medium-level tires. , they are two well-known brands under the Evergrande Group.

The advantage of wanda tyres is that they are cheap. Strong wear resistance and large bearing capacity. Compared with the same grade of tires, the quality is slightly better, but it is cheaper than the real domestic first-line. Your car's tires, including the spare tire, must be checked regularly every month. When checking, also observe whether there are cracks or scratches on the tire surface. It is best to wear gloves and reach inside the tire to check for suspicious marks. As long as you find the slightest suspicious point, you should immediately ask the dealer to do a detailed inspection. 1. The outer edge is worn. If you observe along the driving direction, there is greater wear on the outer edge of the tire, indicating that the tire is often under-inflated, that is, the pressure is not enough. Second, convex and corrugated wear. If it is found that both sides of the tire landing part are convexly worn, and the periphery of the tire is also corrugated, it means that the shock absorbers, bearings and spherical couplings of the car are seriously worn. It is recommended that you check the wear of the suspension system and replace the worn parts before replacing the tires. 3. The surface is evenly worn. Once the tire pattern has been worn dry, it means that the life of the tire has expired and must be replaced. In addition, the pattern also has the effect of removing water from the road surface, so it is an important part of maintaining the car's grip. 4. The center part is worn. Be sure to check that the pressure gauge is accurate and adjust the pressure properly. It is only necessary to overinflate the tires when driving at high speeds or with heavy loads.

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How much is a Winda tire?

Winda tires vary according to the size, model, type, and characteristics of the tire, and the price will fluctuate with the fluctuation. The general price is around 10 USD. Car owners can go to the official website of winda tyres to check according to their own cars and the various specifications and models of tyres they need, and they can also go to each offline promotion and marketing channel to make inquiries.

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How is the quality of winda tires?

Winda tire is a medium and low-grade tire. It is managed according to several quality systems such as iso9001 and iso14001, and has also obtained many international international certifications such as China 3C, American dot, European ece, and Hong Kong gcc. It has been continuously selected as one of the top 75 tire companies in the world, and has been selected as "my country's Quality and Integrity Enterprise" several times. Commodities are sold all over the country and are sold to 16 countries and regions around the world. The customer's recognition is very high, the quality is up to standard, and the price is not high.

The quality of winda tyres is very solid. It strictly controls every process from manufacturing to sales. The production equipment and testing instruments selected are world-renowned and first-class in the industry; Independent innovation, with its own set of production process. And all its vulcanized rubbers are imported from Singapore and Thailand; the stainless steel wire and carbon black in its tires are all from famous brands all over the world; in addition, Wanlibaotong has also passed a variety of verifications in my country. It is worth mentioning that the user evaluation of winda tyres is also very good, and the vast majority of users agree that its quality and cost-effective. Wanda tires have the advantage of being cheap. Strong wear resistance and large bearing capacity. Compared with the same grade tires, the quality is slightly better, but cheaper than the real domestic first-tier tires.

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