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China aoteli tyre manufacturer
Aoteli is the Aoteli tire brand. Aoteli Tire is one of the top 30 tire companies in the world. It is a very good domestic brand and its origin is in Shandong. Aoteli has been exporting in the European and American markets for many years. Every year, 80% of the output is exported abroad. The annual export volume has reached more than 10 million pieces, and the annual turnover has exceeded 1 billion US dollars. There are only 33 tire brands that can achieve such results.

The quality of Aoteli tires is very good. It is produced with the technology of Michelin tires. Its quiet shock absorption comfort is incomparable with other domestic tires. It is comfortable with the tires of famous brands such as Dunlop and Bridgestone. Sex is similar. Aoteli tires are more suitable when driving on domestic roads, which can ensure that there will be no noise and good wear resistance when driving. Compared with domestic tires, its performance is even better. The price of Aoteli tires is relatively affordable. The general price is about 200 to 400. Due to the difference in tire size and tire quality, the price will also vary.

The quality of Olite tires is still good, and the overall performance is relatively stable

First, the tires of this brand belong to a low-end tire brand, and the wear resistance of the tires is relatively good.

Second, the drainage performance of this tire at high speed is better, and the braking effect is better

Third, this tire can provide the driver with better traction, steering and handling after installation


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