Haida Mining Tire HD777K Lateral Tread Pattern Tire

Haida Mining Tire HD777K Lateral Tread Pattern Tire
Haida Mining Tire HD777K Lateral Tread Pattern Tire
Payment Term
T/T Bank transfer
Delivery time
7-15 days
Raw materials
Natural Rubber from Malaysia THAILAND
1x20GP different sizes mixing
Haida HD777K is a mining tire with excellent load-bearing performance, cutting resistance and puncture resistance. It designs as a lateral tread pattern tire.


Load capacity★★★★★

Wear performance★★★★☆

Speed performance★★☆☆☆

Shipping distance★★☆☆☆


Product characteristics of Haida tire HD777K

◆Increase and deepen the design of pattern blocks, with excellent puncture resistance, impact resistance and explosion resistance.

◆Lateral tread pattern design provides excellent grip and driving force.

◆Adopt ladder and anti-stone design to improve puncture resistance.

◆Adopt 4+0 structure to improve the impact resistance performance of bad road conditions.

◆Reinforced bead and carcass design, excellent bearing performance.

◆The special tread formula design for industrial and mining provides excellent cutting resistance and puncture resistance.


Main specifications and parameters of Haida tire HD777K





Load index

Speed Class

Standard Rim


Inflated cross-section wide (mm)


inflated outer diameter (mm)


Design pattern depth  (mm)









Tires are classified by pattern

For tires, patterns greatly affect performance and driving experience, so in addition to classification by structure (radial tires, bias tires) and by size (full-size tires, non-full-size tires), they can also be classified by pattern, which can be mainly divided into the following four types.

01 Striped pattern tire

The pattern of this kind of tire is consistent with the direction of tire rotation, it has good drainage performance, generally has good wet grip, and has a certain heat dissipation performance. clean city pavement.

02 Lateral tread pattern tires

The pattern of this kind of tire is longitudinally disconnected and horizontally continuous. It is this structure that enables it to have strong grip and braking performance. However, the noise of this kind of tires is loud, and the resistance is also large when turning at high speed, which not only consumes fuel but also It is not wear-resistant, such as tractors, harvesters and other agricultural and mining vehicles will use this kind of tires, and general family vehicles will not use them.

03 Mixed pattern tires

This kind of tire combines longitudinal pattern and transverse pattern, and mixed pattern tire can also be divided into single-direction pattern tire, block pattern tire and asymmetric pattern tire. Single-guided pattern means that the tire and pattern have the same orientation, high speed level, strong handling and grip, good drainage effect, but large tire noise, which is commonly used in racing cars; the pattern grooves of block pattern tires are connected to each other. It looks like an independent pattern block, with strong driving force and braking force, but it is not wear-resistant and has a short service life. This kind of tire is used by off-road vehicles or engineering vehicles; the left and right sides of the asymmetric pattern tire adopt different pattern structures and Different rubber materials are enough to cope with complex road surfaces or weather, so it is an ideal choice for SUV riders.

04 No pattern tire

This kind of tire is also called a slick tire, because there are no patterns and drainage grooves, so as to achieve the largest contact area. After the temperature rises, it can increase the friction between the road and the road to enhance the grip, and F1 uses this tire. 

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