Flotation tyre 400/60-22.5 500/45-22.5 500/60-22.5 550/45-22.5 Columbia

Flotation tyre 400/60-22.5 500/45-22.5 500/60-22.5 550/45-22.5 Columbia
Flotation tyre 400/60-22.5 500/45-22.5 500/60-22.5 550/45-22.5 Columbia
Flotation tyre 400/60-22.5 500/45-22.5 500/60-22.5 550/45-22.5 Columbia
Flotation tyre 400/60-22.5 500/45-22.5 500/60-22.5 550/45-22.5 Columbia
Flotation tyre 400/60-22.5 500/45-22.5 500/60-22.5 550/45-22.5 Columbia
360/60-22.5 400/55-22.5 400/60-22.5 500/45-22.5 500/60-22.5 550/45-22.5 600/50-22.5 550/60-22.5 600/50-22.5 600/55-22.5 650/50-22.5 700/40-22.5 700/50-22.5 710/40-22.5 600/55-26.5 700/50-26.5 800/45-26.5
Payment Term
T/T Bank transfer
Delivery time
7-15 days
Raw materials
Natural Rubber from Malaysia THAILAND
1x20GP different sizes mixing
Flotation tires are a category of tires that are wider and are designed to leave a larger “footprint.” The bigger the tires footprint, the less pressure on the ground- that is where the “float” in flotation comes from Generally flotation tires are used to reduce soil compaction for agricultural applications and are also used on golf courses or other sensitive turf applications where minimal turf disturbance is required.

Why use flotation tyres?

Generally flotation tires are used to reduce soil compaction for agricultural applications and are also used on golf courses or other sensitive turf applications where minimal turf disturbance is required. 

They are also designed to work well in sandy, softer soils. sizes include 360/60-22.5 400/55-22.5 400/60-22.5 500/45-22.5 500/60-22.5 550/45-22.5 600/50-22.5 550/60-22.5 600/50-22.5 600/55-22.5 650/50-22.5 700/40-22.5 700/50-22.5 710/40-22.5 600/55-26.5 700/50-26.5 800/45-26.5

Flotation tread designs are engineered to make it easier to maneuver heavy farm equipment in the field while maintaining traction on loose ground

Soil compaction is a major contributing factor to yield loss. 

Tires that minimize compaction with more ground contact can help alleviate this issue. 

With the weight evenly distributed across an expanded footprint, flotation tires can carry the same load at lower air pressures, making them ideal for big equipment. Some great new flotation technology was on display at the recent Farm progress Show.

Bias Flotation tyre range list

Tyre TypeSize_OrignialSizePRTL / TT / TTFPatternQty/40HQ
IMPLEMENT10.0/80-12 8PR TL10.0/80-12 8TLIMPB680
IMPLEMENT10.5/65-16 8PR TL10.5/65-16 8TLIMPB680
IMPLEMENT7.00-12 8PR TL7.00-12 8TLIMP A1200
IMPLEMENT7.00-12 8PR TT7.00-12 8TTIMP A1200
IMPLEMENT10.0/75-15.3 10PR TL10.0/75-15.3 10TLIMP A600
IMPLEMENT11.5/80-15.3 12PR TL11.5/80-15.3 12TLIMP A450
IMPLEMENT11.5/80-15.3 14PR TL11.5/80-15.3 14TLIMP A450
IMPLEMENT12.5/80-15.3 14PR TL12.5/80-15.3 14TLIMP A380
IMPLEMENT12.5/80-15.3 16PR TL12.5/80-15.3 16TLIMP A380
IMPLEMENT13.0/65-18 14PR TL13.0/65-18 14TLIMP A350
IMPLEMENT12.5/80-18  14PR TL12.5/80-18  14TLIMP A300
IMPLEMENT10.0/75-15.3 10PR TL10.0/75-15.3 10TLIMP C510
IMPLEMENT11.5/80-15.3 14PR TL11.5/80-15.3 14TLIMP C390
IMPLEMENT405/70-20 14PR TL405/70-20 14TLIMP D180
IMPLEMENT405/70-24 14PR TL405/70-24 14TLIMP D140
IMPLEMENT405/70-20 14PR TL405/70-20 14TLIMP E180
IMPLEMENT405/70-24 14PR TL405/70-24 14TLIMP E140
IMPLEMENT15.5/80-24  12PR TL15.5/80-24  12TLIMP E110
FLOTATION400/60-15.5 14PR TL400/60-15.5 14TLFLOT B270
FLOTATION400/55-22.5 16PR TL400/55-22.5 16TLFLOT B190
FLOTATION500/60-22.5 16PR TL500/60-22.5 16TLFLOT A112
FLOTATION500/45-22.5-16PR TL500/45-22.5-16TLFLOT A112
FLOTATION  550/45-22.5 16PR  TL  550/45-22.5 16TLFLOT A118
FLOTATION600/50-22.5 16PR TL 600/50-22.5 16TLFLOT A99
FLOTATION600/50-22.5 18PR TL 600/50-22.5 18TLFLOT A99
FLOTATION600/55-22.5 16PR TL600/55-22.5 16TLFLOT A90
FLOTATION600/55-26.5 16PR TL600/55-26.5 16TLFLOT A
FLOTATION700/50-26.5 16PR TL700/50-26.5 16TLFLOT B
AGRICULTURE SPECIAL15.5/65-18 12PR TL15.5/65-18 12TLAGS A180
AGRICULTURE SPECIAL16.5/70-18 14PR TL16.5/70-18 14TLAGS A 130
AGRICULTURE SPECIAL15.5/65-18 10PR TL15.5/65-18 10TLAGS B180
AGRICULTURE SPECIAL18.0-15.5 10PR TL 18.0-15.5 10TLAGS B144
AGRICULTURE9.5L-15 8PR TT9.5L-15 8TTI1760
AGRICULTURE9.5L-15 8PR TL9.5L-15 8TLI1760
AGRICULTURE11L-14 8PR TL 11L-14 8TLI1660
AGRICULTURE11L-15 12PR TT 11L-15 12TTI1620
AGRICULTURE11L-15 12PR TL11L-15 12TLI1620
AGRICULTURE12.5L-15 12PR TT 12.5L-15 12TTI1470
AGRICULTURE12.5L-15 12PR TL12.5L-15 12TLI1400
AGRICULTURE760L-15 12PR TT 760L-15 12TTI1650
AGRICULTURE760L-15 12PR TL760L-15 12TLI1650
AGRICULTURE11L-16  10PR TT11L-16  10TTI1600
AGRICULTURE11L-16  10PR TL11L-16  10TLI1600
AGRICULTURE650-16 10PR TT650-16 10TTI11200
AGRICULTURE650-16 10PR TL650-16 10TLI11200
AGRICULTURE750-16 10PR TT750-16 10TTI1800
AGRICULTURE750-16 10PR TL750-16 10TLI1800
AGRICULTURE900-16 10PR TT 900-16 10TTI1550
AGRICULTURE900-16 10PR TL900-16 10TLI1550
AGRICULTURE10.5/80-18-10PR TT10.5/80-18-10TTI1480
AGRICULTURE10.5/80-18-10PR TL10.5/80-18-10TLI1480
AGRICULTURE26.00X12-12PR TL26.00X12-12TLI1640

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