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China windforce tyre manufacturer
We are windfoce Tire Co., Ltd. we always provide customers with good products, technical support and perfect after-sales service. Our company is mainly engaged in wholesale: import and export of tires, wheels, rubber products, goods and technology., We have excellent products and professional sales and technical team. Our company belongs to the tire industry. If you are interested in our products and services, we look forward to your online message or telephone consultation.

Windforce tire is a high-performance urban SUV tire. It uses a special tread formula to maintain the balance of dry wetland performance, reduce rolling resistance, save fuel and protect the environment.

The continuous pattern block on the outside of the tread effectively reduces the pattern creep to reduce shoulder heat generation, and ensures excellent cornering stability and accurate steering response; The fashionable pattern groove on the inner side ensures effective drainage performance.


In daily use, most car owners may not pay much attention to cleaning the foreign matters in the pattern. Some metals and hard stones are embedded in it for a long time, which is easy to pierce the tire wall and cause tire air leakage damage. It should be cleaned with detergent in time to reduce the risk of tire corrosion.

Windforce series tires have good wear resistance and comfort. At the same time, the four drainage tanks can provide good driving stability and drainage for the vehicle. And the price is affordable. It is a tire that focuses on cost performance. This kind of tire sells very well in Shandong, especially in Qingdao. In fact, the master adheres to the attentive and careful service concept to serve you.

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