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China roadlux tyre manufacturer
We are roadlux tire manufacturer from china.If you plant to buy roadlux tire from china bluk.We can act as your purchasing agent. Make purchase agreement with the best price.If your purchase volume is huge, we can coordinate with the roadlux tyre manufacturer.

roadlux tires. This brand of tires is produced by Chaoyang Roadlux Tire Co., Ltd.

Chaoyang Langma Tire Co., Ltd. Truck and Bus Tire Sales and Service Center was established in July 2004. The company purchased the full steel wire truck radial tire production line from the former Liaoning Tire Group Corporation (built in 1966), and the annual production capacity has grown from 350,000 sets to 2 million sets now. The company has more than 1,600 employees. Langma Tire has obtained the company's development strategy of being specialized, refined, strong, and comprehensive steel tires, specializing in the production of all-steel radial truck tires. By digesting and absorbing the imported production technology and continuously innovating, two series of products with inner tube and tubeless have been formed; the products have grown from a total of 11 specifications, 8 patterns and 22 varieties in 2004 to 59 specifications and 50 patterns and 236 varieties. .We provide professional services, if you need to buy, please call us.

The roadlux tires are still very good. First of all, in terms of quality, roadlux tires have passed the iso9001 and iso/ts16949 quality management systems successively, and have also obtained a number of international authoritative certifications, such as China 3C compulsory certification, American dot certification, European ece certification, etc. Anti-load, so there is not much problem in quality. Secondly, the price of tires is also relatively close to the people, with a good price/performance ratio.

In addition, roadlux tires have also provided direct tire supporting services for Dongfeng, FAW, North Benz and other auto manufacturers for a long time. The products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions in the world such as the United States and Russia, and have become the tires that are deeply loved by domestic and foreign tire markets. brand.

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It can be seen that the favorability of roadlux tires among users is quite good, which also indirectly proves the advantages and competitiveness of roadlux tires themselves, so riders who have tire needs can also give priority to the tires of this brand.

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