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doubleking tire is Shandong doubleking brand. Shandong doubleking Rubber Co., Ltd.'s business scope is: semi-steel radial tire, engineering tire, automobile tire, radial tire retreading and automobile tire processing and sales; sales: gold products, rubber raw materials; approved self-operated Import and export business. (The above items do not contain highly toxic, flammable and explosive hazardous chemicals) (Projects subject to approval according to law can only carry out business activities after approval by relevant departments).

Advantages of doubleking tires

is long service life.

(2) Low rolling resistance.

(3) Large carrying capacity.

(4) Good adhesion performance.

(5) Good vibration damping performance.

(6) The tire temperature is low and the heat dissipation is fast.

The radial tire tread has high rigidity and small circumferential deformation, and can use harder rubber as the tread material, so it has good wear resistance. In addition, the tire has a large ground contact area, a small unit ground pressure, a uniform load distribution, and a small amount of slip on the road surface, so that the tire's mileage is about 50% longer than that of a bias tire.

Save fuel. Due to the small number of layers of radial tire cord and the small friction between layers, its rolling resistance is 25% - 30% smaller than that of the bias tire, which can not only improve the power performance of the car, but also improve the fuel economy. The fuel rate can reach 6%--8%, and with the increase of vehicle speed, the fuel-saving effect is better.

The radial tire carcass is softer than the bias tire, has good elasticity, and has good cushioning performance, which can improve the smoothness of the car, ride comfort, and prolong the service life of the car parts.

Since the radial tire has fewer plies and no shearing effect occurs between the plies, it has less friction, faster heat dissipation, and lower temperature rise than the bias tire, which is beneficial to increase the speed of the vehicle.

Advantages: Wear-resistant, no air leakage, no worry about tire pressure, and frequent follow-up maintenance can be saved.

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