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China aosen tyre manufacturer
aosen is a tire of the Aosen brand, which is one of the tire sub-brands of Qingdao Doublestar Tire Industry Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Doublestar Group. The company was established in 1996 with strong strength. It is also the only state-owned listed company in the tire industry in Shandong Province, and has created the first Chinese brand in the world footwear industry. Now it has 10 million sets of all-steel trucks. In addition, its business scope includes sales of tires, rubber and rubber products, auto parts, machinery equipment and accessories; import and export of goods or technologies. We provide professional services, please call if necessary.

Aosen tires have always attached great importance to the quality of tires.

Double Star Group believes that bad products are caused by people's bad style. Of course, in order to change people's perceptions, Double Star Group will destroy second-class and defective tires as scrap, and the manufacturing personnel will remove them. Only in this way can employees realize that it is better to make tires from the beginning, which is enough to explain the quality control of Double Star.

At present, the most prominent feature of aosen tires is cheap, which is naturally cheap, mainly because its brand positioning is low-end. Although it is positioned at the low end, it does not lag behind in performance. It has excellent fuel-saving and environmental protection performance and strong wear resistance. The products sell well in China and are exported to more than 100 countries and regions such as Europe, America and Africa, with a high degree of recognition.

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At present, the main characteristics of this tire are scratch resistance, collision resistance, puncture resistance and safety. There are tire models suitable for various road conditions, and riders who naturally need and pursue cost-effectiveness can consider using them.

The reputation of aosen auto tires in the industry has always been very good. Semi-steel radial tire is a new type of tire in which the carcass cords are arranged in the radial direction, and the buffer layer with the cords arranged in the circumferential direction or close to the circumferential direction is tightly hooped on the carcass. It consists of six main parts: tread, carcass, sidewall, buffer layer (or belt layer), bead, inner liner (or inner liner).

At present, the tire is mainly scratch-resistant, crash-resistant, and puncture-resistant. There are tire models suitable for various road conditions, so riders who need it and pursue cost-effectiveness can consider using it.

Orson tire is a high-end passenger car brand launched by Shuangxing. It is produced by Shuangxing's acquisition of the original Hyde way tire factory. It uses Hantai technology, with good quality, high cost performance and high service.

If you want to buy Orson tires, we can help you provide professional Orson tire solutions.

The production date of Orson tire is the last four digits, which can be checked by yourself.

You can check when the tire is produced through the information on the side of the tire. The sidewall will have a combination of letters and numbers. The last four digits are the date of manufacture, of which the last two digits are the year of production, and the first two digits are the weeks of the year when the tire is produced. The tire is usually installed on the metal rim, which can support the vehicle body, buffer the external impact, realize the contact with the road and ensure the driving performance of the vehicle.

According to the different carcass structure, Orson automobile tires can be divided into pneumatic tires and solid tires. Most modern cars use pneumatic tires. According to the air pressure in the tire, pneumatic tires can be divided into high-pressure tires, low-pressure tires and ultra-low-pressure tires. Low pressure tires are widely used in all kinds of cars.


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