Wheel Loader Tyre E3/L3 SPEEDMILE POLAND

Wheel Loader Tyre E3/L3 SPEEDMILE POLAND
Wheel Loader Tyre E3/L3 SPEEDMILE POLAND
Wheel Loader Tyre E3/L3 SPEEDMILE POLAND
Wheel Loader Tyre E3/L3 SPEEDMILE POLAND
Wheel Loader Tyre E3/L3 SPEEDMILE POLAND
SPEEDMILE E3/L3 Nylon/Radial OTR
13.00-24 14.00-24 14.00-25 16.00-24 16.00-25 18.00-24 18.00-25 15.5-25 17.5-25 20.5-25 23.5-25 26.5-25 29.5-25 29.5-29 16/70-20 16/70-24 20.5/70-16 23.5/70-16
Payment Term
T/T Bank transfer
Delivery time
7-15 days
Raw materials
Natural Rubber from Malaysia THAILAND
1x20GP different sizes mixing
E3 and L3 tires are designed for off-the-road driving on equipment like earthmovers, heavy-duty loaders, and articulated dump trucks. E3/L3 tires are extremely durable and built with chip and heat-resistant rubber compounds for a longer-lasting tread life. Of course, the tread patterns are made for optimal traction in all sorts of terrain

Speedmile E3/L3 Nylon OTR tyre Features:

1. Cheap Price
2. Good Quality
3. Strong Carcass
4. Tread Wear Resistance

E3/L3 Nylon OTR Suitable Conditions:

Suitable for the loader,dozer,earthmover,grader,scraper,dump trucks

E3/L3 Nylon OTR tyre pattern Description

1) Applicable to the Loader,Dozer,Earthmover,Grader,Scraper operating under the relatively severe conditions

2) Aggressive,durable lug design,non-directional tread design and wide base construction,which can provide high flotation,excellenl traction,improved stability and reduced groundpressure.

3) The specially-formuiated synthetic rubber compound can offer excellent cutting and heat resistance and help to prevent sidewall cracking.

Tyre TypeSize DescriptionSizePRTL / TT / TTFPatternQty/40HQ
OTR17.5-25 16PR TL17.5-25 16TL E3/L3106
OTR17.5-25 20PR TL17.5-25 20TL E3/L3106
OTR20.5-25 20PR TL20.5-25 20TL E3/L370
OTR20.5-25 24PR TL20.5-25 24TL E3/L370
OTR23.5-25 20PR TL23.5-25 20TL E3/L348
OTR23.5-25 24PR TL23.5-25 24TL E3/L348
OTR15.5-25 12PR TL15.5-25 12TL E3/L3120
OTR1600-24-24PR TL1600-24-24TL E3/L390
OTR1600-25 28PR TL 1600-25 28TL E3/L380
OTR1800-25 36PR TL1800-25 36TL E3/L350
OTR26.5-25 28PR TL26.5-25 28TL E3/L336
OTR29.5-25 28PR TL29.5-25 28TL E3/L326
OTR17.5-25 16PR TTF17.5-25 16TTF E3/L3106
OTR17.5-25 20PR TTF17.5-25 20TTF E3/L3106
OTR20.5-25 20PR TTF20.5-25 20TTF E3/L370
OTR20.5-25 24PR TTF20.5-25 24TTF E3/L370
OTR23.5-25 20PR TTF23.5-25 20TTF E3/L348
OTR23.5-25 24PR TTF23.5-25 24TTF E3/L348
OTR26.5-25 28PR TTF26.5-25 28TTF E3/L336
OTR1600-25 28PR TTF 1600-25 28TTF E3/L380
OTR1800-25 36PR TTF1800-25 36TTF E3/L350
OTR1400-24 24PR TTF1400-24 24TTF E3/L3120
OTR16/70-20 16PR TTF16/70-20 16TTF E3/L3165
OTR16/70-24 16PR TTF16/70-24 16TTF E3/L3140

17.5-25 E3 L3 SPEEDMILE-TYRE.jpg

17.5-25 E3-SIDEWALL-TYRE.jpg

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Name: Crane Orval        time:2022-05-30 11:12:31
It was the right tyre I want to buy. It was great value.

Name: Mack Hare        time:2022-05-27 14:19:13
Flawless! Good tyres and perfect service. Shipment arrived in half the time quoted. Thank you again for the excellent products and service.

Name: Locke Alban        time:2022-05-16 14:48:38
I received my tyres and they are working awesome. Good product at excellent value!

Name: Avril        time:2022-04-15 14:44:14
The tyre is made with good materials. Good quality. Looks nice. and it worked beautifully. I am happy with it.

Name: Earle        time:2022-03-28 09:11:22
Wonderful quality & Fit well

Name: Oakley        time:2022-03-16 08:59:24
The whells work great. Great value.

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