Skid Steer Tyre SKS-3 10-16.5 12-16.5 19.5L-24 Thailand

Skid Steer Tyre SKS-3 10-16.5 12-16.5 19.5L-24   Thailand
Skid Steer Tyre SKS-3 10-16.5 12-16.5 19.5L-24   Thailand
Skid Steer Tyre SKS-3 10-16.5 12-16.5 19.5L-24   Thailand
Skid Steer Tyre SKS-3 10-16.5 12-16.5 19.5L-24   Thailand
Skid Steer Tyre SKS-3 10-16.5 12-16.5 19.5L-24   Thailand
23x8.5-12 26x12.00-12 27x8.5-15 27x10.5-15 31x15.5-15 33x15.5-16.5 385/65-22.5 10-16.5 12-16.5 14-17.5 15-19.5
Payment Term
T/T Bank transfer
Delivery time
7-15 days
Raw materials
Natural Rubber from Malaysia THAILAND
1x20GP different sizes mixing
SKID STEER TYRE SKS-3 pattern advantage Design for skid steer loaders in scrap yard operations on rough concrete surface,recycling applications and mine. Special tread compound leading to exceptional cut and chip resistance along with excellent wear resistance on all tires of terrains. The extra deep tread with wider and sturdier block providing best traction,stability and puncture resistance.

Skid Steer Tyre suitable for special service conditions have excellent road grasping performance, anti sliding performance and wear resistance.

Skid Steer Tires and Tire Size Guide Skid Steer Tires From Bobcat Skid Steer Tires to CAT Skid Steer Tires, we produce it all!

Skid Steer tyres must deal with challenging conditions and rough terrains. 

diagonal skid steer tyres are designed for bigger skid steer loaders, front axles of backhoe loaders, telescopic platforms and also for small machines with great performance.  

skid steer tyres have heavy duty tread pattern, robust reinforced tread lug in the central part and higher resistance to puncture or tread wear. The   product range available covers most sizes and tread patterns required in the market. 

Tyre TypeSize_OrignialSizePRTL / TT / TTFPatternQty/40HQ
INDUSTRIAL10-16.5 10PR TL10-16.5 10TLSKS-1560
INDUSTRIAL12-16.5 12PR TL12-16.5 12TLSKS-1420
INDUSTRIAL23*8.5-12 8PR TL23*8.5-12 8TLSKS-11285
INDUSTRIAL27*8.5-15 8PR TL27*8.5-15 8TLSKS-1920
INDUSTRIAL27*10.5-15 8PR TL27*10.5-15 8TLSKS-1730
INDUSTRIAL14-17.5 14PR TL14-17.5 14TLSKS-1280
INDUSTRIAL15-19.5 14PR TL15-19.5 14TLSKS-1220
INDUSTRIAL10-16.5 10PR TL10-16.5 10TLSKS-2530
INDUSTRIAL12-16.5 12PR TL12-16.5 12TLSKS-2390
INDUSTRIAL10-16.5 12PR TL10-16.5 12TLSKS-3460
INDUSTRIAL12-16.5 14PR TL12-16.5 14TLSKS-3360
INDUSTRIAL10-16.5 12PR TL10-16.5 12TLSKS-4460
INDUSTRIAL12-16.5 14PR TL12-16.5 14TLSKS-4360
INDUSTRIAL10-16.5 12PR TL10-16.5 12TLSKS-5460
INDUSTRIAL12-16.5 14PR TL12-16.5 14TLSKS-5360
INDUSTRIAL10-16.5 10PR TL10-16.5 10TLSMOOTH500
INDUSTRIAL14.9-24-12PR TL14.9-24-12TLR4 150
INDUSTRIAL16.9-24 12PR TL16.9-24 12TLR4 110
INDUSTRIAL16.9-24 12PR TL16.9-24 12TLR4 STRONG110
INDUSTRIAL16.9-28 12PR TL16.9-28 12TLR4  85
INDUSTRIAL17.5L-24 12PR TL17.5L-24 12TLR4  110
INDUSTRIAL17.5L-24 16PR TL17.5L-24 16TLR4  110
INDUSTRIAL19.5L-24 12PR TL19.5L-24 12TLR4  92
INDUSTRIAL19.5L-24 12PR TL19.5L-24 12TLR4A 92
INDUSTRIAL19.5L-24 12PR TL19.5L-24 12TLR4B92
INDUSTRIAL21L-24 12PR TL21L-24 12TLR4  70
INDUSTRIAL18.4-26  12PR  TL18.4-26  12TLR4  80

SKID STEER TYRE SKS-3  pattern advantage

Design for skid steer loaders in scrap yard operations on rough concrete surface,recycling applications and mine.

Special tread compound leading to exceptional cut and chip resistance along with excellent wear resistance on all tires of terrains.

The extra deep tread with wider and sturdier block providing best traction,stability and puncture resistance.

R4: Industrial tyre

R4 tires, also known as industrial tires, are wide and durable tires designed primarily for use on hard surfaces like pavement and gravel.

In terms of tread depth and lug spacing, they fall in between R1 and R3 tires. This blend of strengths results in a tread design that offers decent traction while shedding mud and snow.

True to their “jack of all trades” nature” nature, R4 tires aren’t quite as kind on grass as R3 tires. And they’re not quite as effective at traversing challenging terrain as R1 tires.

However, R4 tires shine when tasked with their intended purpose: carrying heavy loads over hard ground. They don’t wear down as quickly and feature tough sidewalls capable of supporting a lot of weight.

This makes R4 tires a great choice when performing work with a front-end loader or forklift attachment.



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Name: Daly Annot        time:2022-05-25 14:29:44
These tyres are not the CHEAPEST out there, but in my opinion, they are worth every penny, AND Im getting ready to order more of them. They are perfect! Im delighted with them!

Name: C. Gabriel        time:2022-04-15 14:41:24
Well, the tyre is very great! I wouldnot hesitate to buy again if I needed.

Name: Alfven        time:2022-04-14 14:53:57
The Skid Steer Tyre SKS-3 10-16.5 12-16.5 19.5L-24 can be given 5 stars. Very good materials.

Name: Lindsay        time:2022-03-31 13:28:11
These are very reasonably priced, and the work great. I do recommend these tyres.

Name: Aldric W.        time:2022-03-18 09:22:53
A good value I liked the value and the quality of the Skid Steer Tyre thank you.

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