Haida Mine Truck /TBR Tyre HD262 Bolivia

Haida Mine Truck /TBR Tyre HD262 Bolivia
Haida Mine Truck /TBR Tyre HD262 Bolivia
Payment Term
T/T Bank transfer
Delivery time
7-15 days
Raw materials
Natural Rubber from Malaysia THAILAND
1x20GP different sizes mixing
Haida Mine Truck /TBR Tire HD262 is suitable for short distance transportation. Can be used in all wheel positions. Pure mine tyre for 100% bad roads in Bolivia.

In mining operations, tires are one of the three major consumables in mines. The cost and use of tires have attracted more and more attention. In mine transportation costs, the cost of tires accounts for about 20%-30%, and will vary with the vehicle load tonnage. It is the second largest expenditure in transportation costs.

The environment in which mine tires are used is relatively harsh. The road conditions, temperature, and vehicle load on site will affect the service life and use of tires, which in turn will affect the driving safety of trucks and the cost of drivers.

Faced with these problems, people's demand for mine tires that are load-resistant, durable, long-lived, and more cost-effective continues to grow. For this, Haida Mine Truck /TBR Tire HD262 came into being. As a special mine tire, it has load-resistant, Excellent properties such as puncture resistance and tear resistance can better adapt to the mining environment and reduce tire wear.

Main advantages of Haida Mine Truck /TBR Tire HD262

1. Excellent load-bearing performance of Tire HD262

Zero-degree belt layer technology strengthens the carcass to improve load resistance. The all-steel tire HD262 uses super-strength steel wire, and the rim is designed with fire-resistant formula.

2. Puncture resistant of Tire HD262

Tire HD262 adopts mine-specific tread formula, which has high toughness, twist resistance and long service life. Mine-specific tread rubber design, using high-quality rubber materials, the tread is resistant to cutting and puncturing. The bottom of the pattern groove adopts a stepped design, which has good stone discharge performance and can effectively prevent the bottom of the pattern groove from being scratched; the design of the thickened upper sidewall prevents the steel wire of the carcass from being cut.

3. Tear resistance of Tire HD262

The shoulder curve is optimized, and the large shoulder design is adopted to improve the safety performance of the tire. Highly dispersed silica: super strong adhesion, tear resistance, low heat generation, low hysteresis loss. Haida Mine Truck /TBR Tire HD262 uses high-strength steel cords, and the tread rubber uses imported wear-resistant carbon black + tear-resistant resin. The rubber material is tighter, improves rubber toughness, tear resistance, and prevents blocks from falling.

4. Strong heat dissipation of Tire HD262

Haida Mine Truck /TBR Tire HD262 adopts an open shoulder design, which greatly improves the heat dissipation of the tire.

5. Good wear resistance of Tire HD262

Haida Mine Truck /TBR Tire HD262 is designed with high-performance tread formula, which improves the wear resistance of the tire.

6. Small ground pressure of Tire HD262

We purposely widened the running surface of Tire HD262 to effectively improve tire contact pressure.

Truck /TBR Tire HD262 is specially designed by Haida Company for the mine environment. It can better adapt to the harsh road conditions of Bolivia mines, and it is more durable and safer. We have specially formulated a corresponding price policy, which is more favorable and cost-effective. If you want to be our distributor in Bolivia or you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with quality products and services.


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