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Petromax tyre


Tyre familyBrandSize73QPattern CodeQty'/40'HQ
MTHAIDALT245/75R16 E120/116QHD868600
MTHAIDALT265/75R16 E123/120QHD868550
MTHAIDALT285/70R17 E121/118QHD868400

36*12.5R16.5LT 10PR130NHD868400
MTHAIDA33*12.50R17LT E120QHD868380
MTHAIDA35*12.50R17LT E125QHD868340
MTHAIDA33*12.50R18LT E118QHD868380
MTHAIDA35*12.50R18LT E123QHD868340
MTHAIDALT275/65R20 E126/123QHD868420
MTHAIDA33*12.50R20LT E114QHD868380
MTHAIDA35*12.50R20LT E121QHD868340
MTHAIDA33*12.50R22LT E114QHD868380
MTHAIDA35*12.50R22LT E117QHD868340
MTHAIDA35*12.50R24LT E117QHD868340
Tyre familyBrandSize73QPattern CodeQty'/40'HQ
MTHAIDALT235/85R16 10PR120/116HD869
MTHAIDALT245/75R16 10PR120/116HD869
MTHAIDALT265/75R16 10PR123/120QHD869
MTHAIDALT285/75R16 10PR126/123HD869
MTHAIDALT275/60R20 10PR123/120HD869
MTHAIDA37*13.50R20LT G131kHD869
Tyre familyBrandSize73QPattern CodeQty'/40'HQ
Whole Road R/THAIDALT265/75R16 E123/120SHD878550
Whole Road R/THAIDALT285/75R16 E126/123SHD878400
Whole Road R/THAIDALT265/70R17 E121/118SHD878480
Whole Road R/THAIDAP265/70R17115THD878480
Whole Road R/THAIDALT285/70R17 E121/118SHD878400
Whole Road R/THAIDAP285/70R17117THD878400
Whole Road R/THAIDA33*12.50R17LT E120QHD878380
Whole Road R/THAIDA35*12.50R17LT E125QHD878340
Whole Road R/THAIDA33*12.50R18LT E118QHD878380
Whole Road R/THAIDA35*12.50R18LT E123QHD878340
Whole Road R/THAIDA37*13.50R18LT D124QHD878310
Whole Road R/THAIDAP275/60R20115THD878450
Whole Road R/THAIDA33*12.50R20LT E114QHD878380
Whole Road R/THAIDA35*12.50R20LT E121QHD878340
Whole Road R/THAIDA37*13.50R20LT E127QHD878310
Whole Road R/THAIDA33*12.50R22LT E114QHD878380
Whole Road R/THAIDA35*12.50R22LT E117QHD878340
Whole Road R/THAIDA33*12.50R24LT E104QHD878380
Whole Road R/THAIDA33*14.50R24LT E110QHD878306

HD868- MT-tyre.jpg

Product Features

High Performance MT Tyre Series

The deep shoulder pattern design and wide pattern block provide extreme grip force, which ensured the excellent handling and safety performance for the vehicle on the severec ondition such as mountain and muddy road etc.

The ideal configuration of the pattern grooves and blocks and the high proportional horizontal grooves guaranteed the excellent anti-skid performance on the muddy road.

The design of anti-collision wall in the sidewall prevents the puncture, road collision and pressure damage.

HD878-RT tyre.jpg

High Performance Whole Road R/T Pattern Series

The spedial 3D salid pattem design is suitable to the cross-country vehicles on the whole road, with supreme anti-skip perfomance and exteme severe road passabilty.

The strong shoulder pattern design and unique wide pattern black provide extreme grip force and handing perfomance,which ensured the excellent safety handing perfomanceand passability for the vehicle on any severe road condition.

The design of anti-collision wall in the sidewallprevents the puncture , road collision and pressuredamage.

HD869-MT tyre.jpg


The design with opened cross- grooves/shoulders provide better capability with self-cleaning and grasp force, improved the trafficability on mud/damaged road.

The utilization withwave-shape steel plates greately improved the grasp force of the tire.

The design with tooth-mate pattern grooves makes the tires having better self-cleaning capability, and improved the grasp force and trafficability on damaged road.

The design with anti-collision rib improved the self-cleaning capability and avoid the stones clamped and improved the puncture resistance of the tire.

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Name: Abel        time:2022-04-01 09:53:07
Oh the tyre looks cool. Great quality and durability. Price & handle heavy weight.

Name: Joshua        time:2022-03-29 11:59:05
Great tyres and just an unbelievable price!

Name: Kenneth        time:2022-03-17 10:40:21
Great for small projects! I bought these wheels to make a project that was rather heavy and with these make it easier to move around.

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