HD687 Haida winter tires snow tires all season tires winter tyre 225/40r18 225/45r17

HD687 Haida winter tires snow tires all season tires winter tyre  225/40r18 225/45r17
HD687 Haida winter tires snow tires all season tires winter tyre  225/40r18 225/45r17
HD687 Haida winter tires snow tires all season tires winter tyre  225/40r18 225/45r17
HD687 Haida winter tires snow tires all season tires winter tyre  225/40r18 225/45r17
HD687 Haida winter tires snow tires all season tires winter tyre  225/40r18 225/45r17
225 55 r17 winter tires 215 55 r17 winter tires 225 45 r17 winter tires 225 40 r18 winter tires 225 50 r17 winter tires 205 60 r16 winter tires 235 65 r17 winter tires winter tire near me 195 65 r15 snow tires 225 65 r17 snow tires
Payment Term
T/T Term Bank transfer
Delivery time
With 15 days after received deposit
Raw materials
Thailand/Malaysia Natural rubber(Top Quality),Germany Synestic Rubber,Carbon Black,Steel Belt,etc
1x20GP Different sizes mixing
What do you need to know about snow tires? Snow tires, also known as winter tires, are tires designed for use on snow and ice. Snow tires have a tread design with larger gaps than those on conventional tires, increasing traction on snow and ice. Such tires that have passed a specific winter traction performance test are entitled to display a 3PMSF symbol on their sidewalls. Tires designed for winter conditions are optimized to drive at temperatures below 7 °C. Some snow tires have metal or ceramic studs that protrude from the tire to increase traction on hard-packed snow or ice. Studs abrade dry pavement, causing dust and creating wear in the wheel path. Regulations that require the use of snow tires or permit the use of studs vary by country in Asia and Europe, and by state or province in North America.

Tyre familyBrandSize73QPattern CodeQty'/40'HQ
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA145/70R1269QHD6872400
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA155/65R1373QHD6872150
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA175/65R1482THD6871750
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA185/65R1490THD6871500
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA185/55R1582THD687
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA185/60R1588THD6871400
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA185/65R1592THD6871400
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA195/50R1582HHD687
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA195/65R1595THD6871220
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA205/55R1694THD6871190
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA205/60R1696THD6871080
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA215/55R1697THD6871000
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA215/60R1699THD6871000
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA215/65R16102THD687980
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA245/70R16107THD687
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA205/50R1793THD687
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA205/55R1795HHD687
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA215/55R1798THD6871000
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA225/45R1794THD687930
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA225/50R1798THD687940
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA225/55R17101THD687900
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA225/60R17103THD687850
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA225/65R17106THD687800
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA245/65R17107THD687
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA215/55R1899HHD687
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA225/55R18102THD687860
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA225/60R18104THD687
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA235/60R18107THD687810
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA245/45R18100THD687780
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA265/60R18114THD687620
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA285/60R18116THD687520
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA225/55R1999HHD687
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA235/35R1991VHD687
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA235/55R19105HHD687
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA245/45R19102HHD687
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA255/40R19100VHD687
Winter/SNOW TYREHAIDA255/50R19107THD687

HD687-- Winter  tire.jpg


Design with three longitudinalzigzag pattem grooves provideswater drainage performance in wet road and excellent steer- -abilityon snow/ice road.

Design with big pattem block outside provides enough rigidity andexcellent steer- -ability.

Design with multiple crossed pattern inside enlarges snow holdingcapabity and strength of snow column, and enhanced the gripcapabifty.

The fine slots in the pattem reduced the hitting noise, the zigzagslots diffused the noise frequency, making the noise even in variousfrequency waves.

HD657 --ALL-Season-- PCR tyres.jpg

ALL season climate PCR tyres Product Features

Thedesign with uniqueasymmetric pattern, three widelongitudinal water outlet slots and wide tread, ensures good water outletperformance ont wet/slippy road and the steerability on snow/icy road.

The big pattern block on tire external ensures good rigidity of the tire andprovide good steerability.

The pattern design with multiple crossed coupling and waved 3D slot inthe tire enhances the intake of snow, improved the strength of snowcolumns and provides powerful power to the vehicle in the winter.

What do you need to know about snow tires?

Snow tires, also known as winter tires, are tires designed for use on snow and ice. 
Snow tires have a tread design with larger gaps than those on conventional tires, increasing traction on snow and ice.
Such tires that have passed a specific winter traction performance test are entitled to display a 3PMSF symbol on their sidewalls. 
Tires designed for winter conditions are optimized to drive at temperatures below 7 °C. 
Some snow tires have metal or ceramic studs that protrude from the tire to increase traction on hard-packed snow or ice.
Studs abrade dry pavement, causing dust and creating wear in the wheel path. 
Regulations that require the use of snow tires or permit the use of studs vary by country in Asia and Europe, and by state or province in North America.

Called "snow tires" in the past, winter tires are designed to provide maximum traction in snow and in slippery winter conditions—and the traction they provide in those situations is not matched by any other category of tire. Even an all-wheel-drive vehicle on all-season tires cannot match the stopping or turning capability of a similar two-wheel drive vehicle fitted with four winter tires, a point we have proven in our own winter-tire testing.

Winter tires are designed to work well in the cold-weather months, but they don't handle or wear as well as all-season or summer tires once the weather warms up. They should be considered as a second set of tires for your vehicle if you live where snow flies annually. We fit all of our long-term test vehicles with winter tires and they've proven their worth many times over.

Why use winter tires? If you live in the northern states, we recommend purchasing a set of winter tires. Their deep treads are engineered to deliver a significant traction improvement, and do they ever work. You'll feel safer and be safer, not to mention more relaxed when driving in snow. Retailers such as Tire Rack will sell you a set of snows mounted on steel wheels that you can swap on when winter rolls around. Here at Car and Driver, we swear by them.

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