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China lanvigator tyre manufacturer
Lanvigator tire is a tire brand produced by Shandong Haohua. It focuses on cost performance, good comfort and good tire quality. Lanvigator tires can be divided into economy car tires, business light truck tires, SUV tire series, 4WD off-road tires and snow tires. Lanvigator tire is economical and affordable. Lanvigator tire is based on the current and global market philosophy.We work closely with each dealer to ensure that each dealer can get more opportunities in its market in a suitable way. Providing high-quality products, competitive prices and efficient services, we have the ability to become your satisfied tire supplier and business partner. We have the ability to become your satisfied tire supplier and business. It is necessary for home. We provide comfortable and professional services. Please call if necessary.

Lanvigator tire has four main ditches to provide good driving stability and drainage

The continuous pattern blocks on the two shoulders of the tire maintain the stability of the tire contour and provide strong support when the tire turns

Continuous non penetrating central transverse pattern and closed shoulder bring superior mute effect to this pattern

Special wear-resistant formula for long-lasting mileage

Four wide vertical ditches ensure the excellent drainage performance of wetland pavement

The continuous pattern block on the outside reduces the creep of the pattern block and ensures the extraordinary cornering stability and accurate steering response on the dry road surface

The inner streamline pattern groove can effectively drain water

The special tread design maintains the balance of dry wetland performance, low rolling resistance, fuel saving and environmental protection

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